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Glow Up Kit

Begin your Glow Up with this fresh and colorful kit of essential products.

Glow Up Toothpaste

A unique toothpaste made with hydroxyapatite and infused with a rich blend of essential oils.

Glow Up Mouthwash

Made with a refreshing formula that leaves your breath feeling extra clean and fresh.

Our Products

Doctor Gabriel Rosenthal highly recommends his own Doctor Gabe’s Glow Up line of oral care products to his patients. With his extensive experience performing smile makeovers for celebrities and professional athletes, Doctor Gabe understands the importance of clinical strength protection and natural ingredients. However, he also recognized a gap in oral care product offerings where traditional ingredients were too harsh on the mouth, and natural elements needed to pack more punch. Doctor Gabe combatted this gap by formulating the Glow Up line with biocompatible hydroxyapatite and essential oils that effectively protect teeth while also being gentle on the gums. Incorporating Doctor Gabe’s Glow-Up line into daily oral hygiene routines can help patients and non-patients achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

The Essentials

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